Michael Shermer Interviews Creationist Researcher

In my previous post I quoted a creationist paper that was about as stupid and unscientific as anyone can imagine. Make no mistake, it is not an isolated fringe view within creationism. That sort of pseudo-scientific approach to try and make Bible stories and other creationist ideas sound scientifically legitimate is very common. Here is an interview that Michael Shermer (an excellent and prominent skeptic) did with a PhD that works at the famous creationism museum and does research for Answers In Genesis. The very beginning of the video has the creationist describing her research which is exactly along the same lines as the paper in my last post.

Here are some notes i took while watching the video.

1. Notice the early discussion about the definition of evolution. Virtually no creationists deny that organisms undergo genetic mutation and change over time. What they say is that only “micro evolution”is possible but not “macro evolution”. There is   no real hard distinction in actual science, macro evolution is just micro evolution over long time spans. Another creationist idea that one very commonly hears is that no matter how much a species changes, they are always the same species. Sure you can breed dogs to be as small and bald as you want or as big and fury as you want, but it is still a dog. God made a template for each species at the moment of creation and no matter how much something mutates it can not turn into another species.

2. Though i am still only a couple minutes into the video another common creationist meme has cropped up at least twice which is the idea that unless something is observed you can not know about it. She seems to be sayign that since evolution and creation happened in the past which we did not directly observe, both camps are just interpreting the data and “speaking for it” from their own perspective – each starting with their own assumptions and viewing the data from that lens. In a contest between starting with man’s ideas vs god’s ideas, you can guess which she thinks win out.

3. Yup, all dating methods, even radiocarbon, are unreliable. In fact any evidence you have ever heard for the earth or universe being more than 6000 years old is unreliable or simply evaluated from a faulty human perspective rather than trusting god’s word.

4. Yes, even a one year old is a dirty sinner.

5. Everyone who has an different view point from her is “ïnterpreting” the bible whereas she is simply “reading it for what it says”. She seems to really believe that she is not interpreting at all when she reads which is, of course, impossible.

The video is only 23 minutes and cuts out in the middle of a question so maybe a second part will be posted soon. I always find it fascinating to hear creationist reasoning.


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