Welcome to Delivis’ Blog

Welcome friends, strangers, comrades, and enemies alike!

I do not know what possessed me to start a blog. It may well be a futile venture which no one will read. But my first intention with this blog is not popularity but merely to have an outlet for me to get into the habit of writing my thoughts down and practicing that art. I also expect the posts here may end up being the first drafts that will be the basis for articles and book chapters down the road.

What will this blog be about? Well this may be a blessing or a problem but this blog will be about a huge array of things. These will include but not be limited to:

Video Gaming (and World of Warcraft in particular) – Including reviews of games, tips and guides, discussions on class mechanics, the psychology of video games, opinion pieces, etc.

Science – New discoveries and studies and the beauties and grandeur of the universe in fields ranging from astronomy to sociology to physics to psychology.

Philosophy – I love arguing with people and i mean in the traditional sense of the word. An argument is not a quarrel it is a reason for belief. I want to know why someone believes something different from me. I want to know their reasons and compare them to mine. And most importantly i hope that the dialogue will force me to refine my own reasons for belief to make them better, faster, stronger! Arguments about everything from religion, social issues like abortion and gay marriage, metaphysics, to even Internet culture and much more will be put under my microscope.

Pseudoscience and Bad Reasoning – Where thinking goes very wrong. This includes all bad ideas that get popular in mainstream culture. Everything from dubious health claims to creationism being taught in schools to holocaust denial, etc.

Social Issues – This is really a subset of several of the above topics. Everything from gun control, the school system, racial/ethnic/nationalistic identity, sexuality, and so on will be discusses.

Religion – Also a subset of other mentioned topics. Religion has always been of particular interest to me and i have devoted a fair amount of my university study to the history, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, and psychology of religion.

Various other topics including culture, music, and random links of interest i find on the Internet will be included for your enjoyment.  Also, you should be prepared for random intellectual ejaculations and passing thoughts.

My interests are very eclectic and perhaps that is the true theme of this blog – the haven for the modern Renaissance Man.

I think that is probably enough for a first post. Much posting of interest to come. Enjoy!


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